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Bindlesticks are the iconic symbols of early 20th century America and what the hobos used to carry their belongings when they traveled from town to town looking for work. What they carried in those bags are tastes and experiences from each of the locations they visited.

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Before prohibition there were many local breweries throughout the US. These local breweries had their own styles and flavors of beer, creating variety. Prohibition destroyed that variety. After the 1933 repeal, we were left with only a few breweries in the US and, combined with the rationing of the Second World War, all commercially available beer was light, yellow, and flavorless. It was not until the late 1970’s until a flicker of hope returned and the craft brewing revolution started to bring back choice.

Every beer Bindlestick makes has a specific flavor to it. The Monkey Wagon Amber, for example, is a malty and medium-bodied ale with a caramel finish. It has a spicy and floral hop profile accentuating the Pacific Northwest hops.

Bindlestick, located on Leander Drive, brews a variety of flavors which are sold at local businesses, including the Leander Beer Market, The Dig Pub and Redhorn Coffee House & Brewing Co. Our beers are also available at a growing number of local restaurants.

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